The project aims at protecting the folk literature on Socotra Island by collecting, revising, documenting, and making it available in Socotrian, Arabic, and English. Then promote it through various media, cultural and academic platforms, as well as coordinate with other cultural activists in order to benefit from this project where they can produce other cultural and artistic works.

Project team

Ahmaed Issa Al-Daerhi

Ahmed Issa Al-Daerhi is a lecturer at the Community College in Socotra. He holds a master’s degree from the Russian University for Human Sciences in 2021 and has also worked for a long time with the Russian orientalist Vitaly Naemkin in the team that collected the vocabulary of the Socotra language and some materials of Socotra literature for more than ten years.

Mohammed Almahfali

Muhammad Almahfali is a Yemeni researcher and academic based in Sweden. He got his Ph.D. from Cairo University in 2014. He worked as an assistant professor of Arabic literature on Socotra island, before moving to work as a researcher at Lund University in Sweden in 2017. His research interests include analysis of literary, cultural, political, and media discourse