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A Tale of the King Testing the Tracker

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Once upon a time, there was a well-known man among people for his wide knowledge of tracking and great skill in recognizing traces. However, he could not protect himself from snitches and intrigues. It was rumored that he was the one who had stolen or hidden them. Then, he was requested by people to track the doer’s traces. He tracked the doer’s traces and was rewarded with money for that by the requesting people.
The man became reputable until one of the kings of that time heard of his status as reputable. The king was great and famous for being an impartial judge among the people. The people had known him for his wisdom, maturity, compliance with God’s law, and issuance of verdicts. After the king heard of that tracker, he became an object of fascination. The king was impressed that there was a citizen in the country he ruled – who had that experience and knowledge in tracking. But, in the meantime, he also heard rumors that denied his wide knowledge and experience in tracking and that he was merely fraudulently doing his job and dealing with people. The king thought a lot about that matter and decided to justly judge the matter of that man, whether for or against it. He intended to test that man to uncover the truth about him. He would do justice to him if he was telling the truth; if not, he would punish him.
One morning, the king decided to go for a walk. The king was accompanied by some of his friends, a group of his servants, and a number of camels loaded with their belongings. When they got halfway there, the king decided to take a rest and stay in the place where they stopped until the next morning.
They made their camels kneel down and take a rest. While they were passing into a deep slumber, the king got up without anyone noticing. He rode his camel away from that place and emptied all the luggage loaded on the back of the camel. He hid it without being seen by anyone. Then he returned to their resting place and went to sleep with them until the morning.
The next morning, the king announced to everyone that his luggage loaded on his camel had been stolen. And all who accompanied him were surprised at the view of the luggage, and they were afraid to anger the king. They looked confused and impressed, and each one wondered who stole the king’s luggage.

When the king did not receive any answer from anyone, he ordered them to bring him the famous tracker. They brought the tracker, who looked confused.
“What happened, your majesty?” the tracker asked the king.
“My luggage has been stolen,” the king replied, “since you have a wide experience in tracking, I order you to use it and uncover the thief.”
The man never hesitated and immediately chose to use his experience in tracking. The king followed him while tracking the footprints until he reached where the king hid the luggage. The man took them all out of their hiding place.
“There were no footprints of any human being at all, your majesty,” he said to the king, “but I found your footprints and your stolen luggage.”
Afterward, the king ordered to get all the people together and announced to them, addressing them, “O people, I have gathered you to tell you that this man who claimed to be a tracker was perfectly truthful in all that he claimed. I doubted him, as many of you did, but I tested him and found that his knowledge, the truth of what he said to people and what he did with them, and the perfect truth in all that he said. He was innocent of the rumors spread about him, and I stand with him here to bear witness to all of you that he was perfectly truthful and innocent.”

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