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A Tale of Tahrar

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It was told that, on the island of Socotra, there was a sasquatch who lived in a remote area west of the island.

People received and passed on the news about that man named Tahrar. In the Socotri language, his name meant absent-minded or someone who lived stray with non-domesticated animals.

He lived in the forest, like all other animals. He never wore clothes at all throughout his life. Tahrar was always afraid of human beings. He lived in the mountains and trees out of sight of people, which made him never approach any coasts, cities, or villages.

Tahrar spent his day-to-day life climbing mountains and heights, sharing pastures, places, and daily lives with animals and deer. He used to eat and drink whatever and wherever they ate and drank. He didn’t always appear in public. Probably, that was because he avoided facing any human beings but rarely did. He used to live like an animal roaming around in the forest until his skin color became similar to the color of the land where he lived.

One day, a hunter chased deer at the foot of the mountains, in the bushes and dry trees.

While he was chasing the deer among the bushes, a ghostly figure of a human appeared to him, but that ghostly figure did not wear any clothes. It was running and moving like a ghost, so the man thought it was from the jinn. The hunter felt slightly afraid of that sasquatch he saw there for the first time. However, he could keep his composure and decided to chase it to find out what that sasquatch was.

As he approached that sasquatch, he realized that its features were very similar to human features, but it was hairy and dusty-colored. He tried to call it out, but it seemed he could not speak or understand human language. He used to make different utterances, which were like the sound of birds, sometimes like the sound of sheep, and other times like the sound of deer.

Whenever the hunter came closer to it, it ran away. The hunter insisted on chasing it. Tahrar was faster than it was through the trees. He ran as fast as a deer.

The hunter returned to the village and told the people the story about that sasquatch. A group of those people decided to search for it and catch it. Thus, they went to where the hunter last saw the sasquatch. They then decided to set cage traps in different places, hoping that they might be able to lure it in.

After they set cage traps, they made sounds similar to the sounds of deer. When hearing the sounds, he appeared, and they uttered human voices from the other side. He used to be afraid of human voices a lot, so he went to the source of the deer sounds. And then it fell into the trap set up by them there.

Tahrar got confused and was engulfed in the trap. But he could not get out of it. Thus, the people attacked him, tied him with ropes, and carried him to the village. When he arrived at the village, they all went out of their houses to watch that sasquatch there. He was trembling with fear as people watched him. They served food and drink to him, but he did not eat or drink. They tried to talk to him, but he did not listen to them. That was because he neither spoke nor understood what they were saying.

He was unbearably smelly, like a wild animal. His body was dry and strong, like a heel. His hair was thick, almost covering all of his body. When they got tired of looking at him and smelling his stench, thus, they finally decided to clean him. They took him to a water pool and soaked him in it. Then they began to wash him until he became clean. They shaved his hair. They gave him clothes. His body couldn’t adjust to this change. Therefore, his body looked emaciated, tired, and ill. The people did not know what to do for him. They released him, hoping his usual vitals, strength, and activity might return to normal.

He did move but was in such an extremely critical condition that he could not walk. The next day, the people in the village saw birds hovering over the tops of the mountains. Thus, they thought that Tahrar had died. They went over there to check the place and found him dead. The birds were flying in a circle around him, waiting to eat him. The people decided to throw tree branches over him to protect his body from those flying birds, buzzards, and predator animals. They covered all of his body completely from above and from each part of the body until no part was seen anymore. The people returned home, but after that, they noticed that the deer began to die one by one after the death of Tahrar. All the deer in those areas became extinct. Nothing remained except the rocky mountains.

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