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A Tale of the Fairy and the Man

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There was a man who lived in the Al Wasta region who had a camel named Raadhen. That camel was beautiful enough for people to envy him. The man loved it so much, up to the point that he considered it one of his family members and indispensable to him.
At that time and on the island, all camels and donkeys were used by people for moving between the plains and plateaus of the island. They were also used for carrying their luggage on camels and donkeys. No house, but had either camels or donkeys, or both, as a means of transportation.
As usual, every night, the man wanted to offer his camel Raadhen dinner, but he did not find it. The man used to do that and see his camel once he returned home at the beginning of the night as part of the inherited customs and traditions in the Al Wasta region.
The man did not find the camel. He was horrified, worried, impressed, and surprised at what happened. Thus, he refused to believe in such a state of confusion. And instead of asking the neighbors about it, he ran to the valley that separated the eastern Al Wasta region from the western region. The man was almost about to die of panic there. His arms prickled with goosebumps, and a shiver ran through his body. Indeed, he started reciting his prayers, turning his face towards the prayer Qiblah, the direction to Mecca for prayers, to perform the prayer of fear. He almost finished praying. He stretched his feet to climb the hill, returning home at the foot of the Al Wasta region. He almost started to do so until he heard the sound of footsteps. He felt happy with that and thought that it was the sound of the camel’s footsteps. Therefore, he stopped climbing and turned his head toward the source of the sound. Suddenly, he was petrified in complete darkness that he could not see what was through the darkness and among thick trees.
When the owner of the eastern Al Wasta region, the owner of the camel, Raadhen, was petrified in the place, he tried to go back, but He was very afraid, and his heart was beating like a drum. One of the fairy’s daughters caught one of his shoulders; however, he could not even scream out because of the shock and fright that ran through his body completely and continued to shut him up. He tried to step forward a little to escape; however, the fairy caught him and tried to jump on his back. Then, she caught his arms. He tried to push her away; however, she stuck to him as a boy stuck to his mother. He tried to escape for the second time but in vain.
The fairy told him not to try to show his courage and cruelty to her. The man was sweating and trying to ignore what he had heard, but he could not. Afterward, he tried with all the forces at his disposal to keep her away from himself as much as possible until she fell, and he took him down on the ground.
The man remembered the edged weapon that he carried in all his doings. Also, he remembered the folk tales of fairies saying that a fairy must be afraid of him. He immediately got his edged weapon and pointed it at the fairy’s face, who wanted to ride on him. Before he could finish her, she dug her fingernails into his shoulder flesh. Then she ran away from him, so he began to climb the valley terraces, escaping until he reached his house in terror.
The camel, Raadhen, was in the house next to its owner’s house. When the owner knew that, he calmed down a little. But his heart was beating like a drum. He was screaming occasionally until a group of good people from his area arrived. They began to recite spells over him until the fear was gone. After that, the man told them what happened to him and showed them the traces of the fairy’s fingernails on his shoulders. They brought some medicinal plant leaves for injuries. The leaves were mashed, grounded, and put on his wounds.
Each year on this day of that incident that happened to the owner of the camel, Raadhen, two nevi appeared on his shoulder, which were the traces of the fairy’s fingernails. They became swollen with much restless pain. Someone must have had to take care of him and his pain until the morning.
The man spent the rest of his life in that area. The scars remained on his arms until he passed away in the afterlife.

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